Helping solopreneurs scale business to enterprise status

NOW IS THE TIME TO MOVE FROM  Entrepreneur  TO  Entreprise.

You’ve had the five, six, and seven figure launches.


You’ve put in long days and the late nights 

You’ve built a successful business with testimonials that drop jaws with the results you’ve gotten for past clients/students.

Even though you’ve been at this for years you’re still surprised you made it this far.

But, You’ve also had:


The mounting pressure of the ever increasing number of clients who want your attention and assistance. 


The realization that bigger brands are watching… and sometimes copying/stealing your work


The pit in your stomach that to get to the next level you need to make a shift but you don’t know what

It’s time to stop relying on what got you here instead of what will take you to the next level

It’s time to stop operating like a small business when you’ve built a successful brand with a proven signature framework that could be an enterprise.

You can’t continue operating like a one man / one woman show when you’ve built a successful brand.


You know that you need better infrastructure to expand your reach and capacity for more clients, better policies and ownership of your IP to protect your brand.


You’ve been winging it thus far with piecemeal documents you found from other businesses.

You know deep down that as you continue to grow, you’re putting your business at risk by not investing in custom contracts and protecting your brand.

You are afraid admit you don’t know how to get your business in order since you are so successful otherwise, 

You know deep down you are risking too much at the level you’ve built your business to keep winging it and not investing in setting your business up for succession, longevity, and legacy

Are you ready?

Are you ready to build a business that becomes your legacy?

Are you ready to leverage large scale opportunities with confidence?

Are you ready to increase impact by certifying coaches or licensing to churches/corporate trainings/etc?

Are you ready to properly protect the brand and business you’ve worked so hard to build?


Solo to CEO

A Six Step Framework


Getting Clear on the current state of your business and what needs to be done to go to the next level.

1. Legal and Strategic Audit

A-Z audit of the current business structure and future vision, policies, documents, legal elements to maximize profit generating and scaling opportunities

2. Housekeeping

Closing the loopholes in any existing document, backend coverage of previously contracted persons, tasks, etc.


Positioning your business as a true enterprise: reassessing pricing, strategic alignments, and setting legacy legal protections in place to drive long term profit

3. Magic Equation

Finding the tangible and intangible value in your brand to reassess and establish pricing, negotiation level, strategic alignments, and strategic asks

4. Setup IP

Filing trademark and copyright registrations, drafting NDA, NonCompete, TradeScret and Brand Usage policies procedures and documents that support protection


5. Setup Agreements

Coaching, certification, scaling document for others setting brand standards, pricing etc.


Preparing to operate at enterprise levels with confidence because it wasn’t just done for you but you also UNDERSTAND the processes to execute and when to call in reinforcement.


6. Implementation / Offboarding

How to use the agreements, when you need me, when to revisit and plan out

Who is this for:

This is for you if you lead a brand/business that drives revenue and creates transformational impact through a signature framework, product, or method. 


This is for you if you love what you do and would protect what you’ve built at all costs

This is for you if you want to license your content on a larger platform or certify instructors without risking the reputation you’ve build in your brand

This is for you if the demand for your service/event is growing and you want to meet it without sacrificing quality

Who’s Behind the Solo to CEO

The Law Firm of Lawson McKinley is owned and managed by Shay M. Lawson Esq an Atlanta based intellectual property and entertainment attorney. Her keen understanding of creative business has allowed her to negotiate millions in deals for her creative clients in connection with brands such as Nike, UnderArmour, Apple Music, Pandora, Discovery Channel, iHeartMedia, VH1, and AT&T. Shay has become well known in the industry for protecting the brand and legacies of multi-platinum, GRAMMY award winning artists, songwriters, engineers, and producers and has served two consecutive terms as a board member for the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy (GRAMMYS®). Her work protecting clients has been featured by Black Enterprise, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter, Atlanta Business Chronicle, XONecole, Essence and was recently named a SuperLawyer 2020 Rising Star Honoree which recognizes the top 2.5% of intellectual property attorneys practicing in the state of Georgia. 

Shay has now launched SOLO TO CEO, applying her proven brand protection and negotiation skills to shift entrepreneurs to enterprise with her signature six step Solo to CEO℠ framework



Before hiring Shay I was struggling with how to protect my website, protect my photography method name, and to protect my programs from people who may copy/steal content as their own & sell it.  I worked with another trademark lawyer, but he clearly didn’t get online businesses. 

I felt like Shay brought real knowledge to the table that I didn’t have on how to protect my intellectual property. This is priceless!  I felt heard because I found a lawyer who understands both creatives AND online business.The things Shay helped me with positioned me into a high level of confidence to sell my offerings.  As my new baby brand grows, now I know exactly what Shay needs to file a trademark, I know what forms I should have created, I know what to look for in terms of how my users are using my website & programs, that way the process of getting legally established will be quick & easy.”

PODCAST Episode: How Hiring A Lawyer Expanded My Business

Marie Masse

Owner, Fearless and Framed


“Before hiring Shay I was struggling with angst about whether or not my IP was safe, having sound contracts that had my best interest at heart, negotiating without leaving money on the table. I tried copying and pasting legal language from Google searches and would often resort to handshake deals. Working with Shay over the last year alone has helped me confidently generate over 150K in revenue. I’m negotiating terms that honor my value and closing deals way faster. I know my way around a contract and how to spot questionable things. I’m much better at knowing when to walk away. I’ve saved so much time on not scrambling to put together contracts. That alone was worth the investment.”

Holley M.

International Public Speaker, Author, Creator TMAY Framework


Before working with Shay I was using legal zoom and referrals from friends but was still struggling to protect my trademark and review legal agreements. As a creative entrepreneur, having Shay on my team has allowed me to focus more on what I enjoy most: the creative aspects of my business. 

The best parts of working with Shay are: 1. Her expertise and deep knowledge of legal matters. 2. Her strong strategic mind, and ability to anticipate future obstacles and offer solutions. 3. Having someone who I can bounce ideas off, and who I know has my back 100%

With Shay on my team, I’ve been able to focus more on scaling my business and was able to do it more rapidly.

Jason Mowatt

Owner, Trap Karaoke LLC


Before hiring Shay I was struggling to protect my training content from being reused and sold by companies, individuals,etc. I tried the DIY method but I realized my language wasn’t direct or strong enough and it wasn’t included in the right places. Not not only did Shay solve my immediate problems but after she listened to the vision I have for my business, she explained other things I would need to do to protect and scale it. Shay made my business easier to run and made it easier to take on more revenue generating opportunities.”

Kandia J

Kandid Conversations Corporate Training

Ready to Scale your Business to Enterprise status?

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